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Poultry, Dairy, Aqua & other Livestock feed.

Poultry Feed – Layer (Table Eggs)

AMRIT – Layer Chicks Crumbs

The layer chicks feed are crumbled pellets of 1-2 mm size, designed for day-old chicks until the age of 6 weeks. As the bird’s initial development during the first 6 weeks is directly proportional to the total life span (of a minimum 72 weeks), these crumbs comprise the entire nutrition to provide the chick with an excellent start for developing the internal organs.

AMRIT – Layer Grower Crumbs

For the birds with age 7-16 weeks, the AMRIT layer grower feed is a perfect solution. These crumbled pellets have size of 2-3 mm, and provides for complete nourishment of the bird at this age.

AMRIT – Layer Pellets

The layer pellets have size of 3 mm, and is the comprehensive diet for a bird from 17th week onwards, until 72 weeks or culling.