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Poultry, Dairy, Aqua & other Livestock feed.

Pig Feed

AMRIT – Pig Weaner Crumble (50 kg)

The Pig Weaner crumbles have a size of 2-3 mm, which are fed to pigs until they attain the age of 56 days, or a body weight of 12-14 kgs. The nourishment contained in the feed provides a good rate of initial growth, thereby acting as a catalyst for subsequent growth and FCR.

AMRIT – Pig Grower Crumble (50 kg)

Ranging in the size of 2-3 mm, the pig grower crumbles are intended for pigs between 57-120 days of age, or until the achievement of 35-40 kgs of body weight.

AMRIT – Pig Fattening Pellets (50 kg)

The fattening pellets come in the size of 4 mm, and act as the entire nourishment for pigs having the age of 121-180 days or until gaining 50-60 kgs of body weight.