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Poultry, Dairy, Aqua & other Livestock feed.

Our Achievements


After 25 years of consistent focus on producing premium quality poultry and cattle nutritional product, Shivshakti Agro (India) Limited is the preferred solution provider for all nutritional requirements of farmers and animal keepers across the region. SAIL has registered a quadruple increase in production over a span of fifteen years – providing credibility to its claim of being the preferred choice. The two feed manufacturing plants operating in Bihar and West Bengal have a combined capacity of 400 TPD with a computerized batching process at the fully automated Dankuni plant.

SAIL has built a state of the art hatchery at Dankuni to produce Three lakh Broiler Day Old Chicks per week, and is in operation since 27th January 2013.


At SAIL, the committed and professional workforce ensures regular production and perpetual innovation &up-gradation through its in-house R&D wing and laboratories. The skilled sales team and dedicated dealer network provides efficient and effective on-time delivery right up to the doorstep of its customers. All this is achieved while simultaneously attending to the maintenance and improvement of quality in every aspect of its business.

The Company’s strengths are further heightened by keeping abreast of the recent happenings in the scientific and industry arena, and maintaining continuous inward and outward flow of knowledge through participations in seminars, exhibitions, and regular interactions with national research laboratories.
SAIL’s Technological Advancements in Feed Production

  • Introduction of Pelleted Feed ‘Amrit’, as a substitution of a mash diet
  • Usage of Crumbs as feed for chicks in their early growth days
  • Computerized batching of feed production
  • Selection of top-grade raw materials
  • Premixing of micro nutrients

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Future Trends & Strategy

The market for animal feeds has been regularly growing, with the majority of demand coming from broiler feeds. The per capita consumption of poultry products continue to grow @ over 12 to 15% per year, with Eastern India market demanding approx. over 1,00,000 tons per month. Cattle feed market is also expanding with an increase in milk yield and consumption of dairy products. Aqua Feed market is also growing, mainly Fish. It is indeed an exciting time to be positioned where SAIL finds itself to be.

SAIL plans to cater to these developments by integrating its value chain. It plans on offering a multitude of products as per the suitability, especially intending to launch cattle feed supplements based on the latest by-pass nutrient concept.

Additionally, the trends being observed in India are identical with a worldwide phenomenon, thus SAIL next area of focus is to bring about vertical expansion.

Towards the strategic approach of horizontal and vertical growth, SAIL is actively seeking joint ventures with multinational corporations that are already operating in, or wanting to enter the animal feed industry. In follow-through, the gains of such expansion would be optimally shared with all the distributors and stakeholders, thereby passing the benefits to all the company participants. You can contact us by Click Here